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I want to fetch the availability report for all the Network devices that we have in our Data center.

Requesting helping hands on this platform to help me formulating a query on Splunk tool.

I m enclosing the results that I have fetched from NNMi (Network Node Monitoring Performance Tool), I want similar results from Splunk as well (Node Availability %)

Thanks & Regards,

Sahil VaishnaviNetwork Availability.PNG

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@inventsekar : Thank you for your prompt response.

Let me elaborate more about the query:

1. No, these are not uploaded in splunk tool. I need to fetch similar details for other on-boarded devices. I have only the list of hostnames of devices . I need a new query so that it can pop-up the list as per (Node Availability %)

Example: For AD-Servers: We have below query: AD-Query.PNG

Thanks & Regards,

Sahil Vaishnavi

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Hi @Vaishnavi_sahil ..may i know if this info/log is already loaded to splunk or not.. 

if not yet, then, i think thats an excel file, right.. so, please save it as a CSV file and then upload that data to splunk.  once you loaded to splunk, then splunk query will be easy.  for example (if you update us the field names, then query will be formulated):

index=nnm_logs | table Node_Name Node_Availability

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