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How to query Indexers for CPU/Mem/License information?



I am trying to build a glass table which would list each indexer and current parameters associated with it. e.g. # of unique hosts, # unique sourcetypes etc.

To add more information, I also want to include the current memory / CPU / License utilization for that indexer. Is there a way to query an indexers for these items just like we do for sourcetype/hosts?

We have a monitoring console which displays this data for each server, but it's installed on a separate server. How can I get these values directly via Indexer?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


~ Abhi

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Is this ITSI?

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The _introspection internal index has this information. Starting with v6.3, the DMC was introduced which provides quick dashboards based off the introspection index.

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Hi abhijittikekar,
you can see DMC searches on the machine where DMC is installed and then copy and adjust them in your panels for your scope.

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