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How to Count sequential events over a time period ?


Hello you guys! Im new to splunk and I have a BIG question, thanks in advance to everyone who is willing to take on this challenge. My data: events that contain only two fields: 1) ID_CLIENT and a field named OP_CODE this last one contains numbers that represent where in a webpage a custumer is at the moment. F.I: The number 34 represents "candy products" and the number 18 represents "stuffed animals" what I want to do: I want to be able to count how many times an ID_CLIENT goes from OP_CPDE=34 to OP_CPDE=18 in a day, or last hour ect... IF YOU CAN HELP ME ABOUT WITH THIS I WILL BE FOREVER THANKFUL
..I know splunk uses a funtion named transaction but Im having a hard time working aorunf the accurcy of the results .. ny help is SO FREAKING HIGHLY appreaciated than you guys so so o much

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