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How does Splunk indexer perform on a Sparc T5 machine


Old Sparc HW, specially the T1,T2 and T4 CPUs is known to be not well suited for Splunk as it has a rather poor single thread performance. Anyhow, has anybody experience how Splunk run on a recent Sparc T5 System, e.g. a T5-2 with
- two 16 Core CPUs @ 3.6 GHz -> total 32 cores and 256 threads
- 256 GB RAM
- two 4 GB Fiber Channel interfaces to fast SAN Storage

Single request should not be a problem anymore, and the system would allow for a lot of parallel requests. In our experience a Sparc T5 has a similar performance / price relation as an X86 System, but it leads to lesser, bigger, systems and thus saves the burden of maintaining more systems.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Sadly, there is no Sparc hardware on the market with good single thread performance. Sparc core design stagnated in the 2000s, and while clock speeds have raised, per-clock peformance on Sparc cpus is an order of magnitude inferior to modern AMD and Intel chips.

Since it is common scenario to run CPU-bound searches on Splunk that will be single-threaded in their criticial paths, and users will expect prompt answers, there is no reason to choose Sparc for splunk indexing or search tasks.

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