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Can I permanently add fields with eventstats?

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I have the following search query which does what I'd like:

| eval adj_request_id = if(isnotnull(original_request_id), original_request_id, request_id)
| eventstats count as request_id_count by adj_request_id
| eval validated=if(request_id_count > 1, "true", "false")

The query works, but unfortunately my log is huge and slow on its own. Adding the event stats command makes it basically unusable. Is there a way to run this say every day at midnight on the previous days data and have it permanently add the field so that the eventstats
call isn't needed every time I want to access the validated field?

Or is there a way to just dramatically speed up this query, or a different and faster way of accomplishing this? Any help would be very much appreciated!

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This sounds like a job for a summary index. Run your search overnight and write the results to a summary index. Then just fetch the validated field from the summary index when you need it. See for more information.

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Conceptually, the summary index seems similar to what I want, but it looks like eventstats cannot be summary indexed...

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