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Hi All,

Am hitting a API service which has 7 to 8 backend calls, now i get all the backend call response times as well in my query

Problem statement

My API is calling 7 to 8 backend calls, the samebackend is called by different APIs.

During single hit, i see a message-id is triggered which is same in all backends, but during huge load like 3000 transactions in one hour, how do i construct a query with get messageid from parentid call which is traversed in backend call.

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Hi @saireddy ,

Is the tracking id the same in all backends, or would you have to resolve it first with another ID?

If you know the tracking id and it's unique across all Backends, you could just work with transaction or even stats. 

Can you share some example events? Maybe change some wording/IDs/IPs to anonymize it.


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Loves-to-Learn Lots

Hi @rnowitzki ,


Say Parent API  generates a message id[Ex-88e59799-986f-4099-838e-2128ca333] for each API hit, it generates unique message id for each hit from parent- this gives the count of Parent transaction, here am tracking all count of parent with API name/URL, but backend is called by other APIs as well. so i want backends API called by my parent API.

If am tracking with single messageid- ex which i shared i see all the backends, but with load of 2000 or 3000 how do get filter.

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