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Why doesn't my field alias work?


I created a field alias via the UI -

alt text

I made it global and under $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/apps/<app name>/local/props.conf, we see -

FIELDALIAS-test2 = status ASNEW aaaaaa

When searching - index=<index_name> sourcetype="<sourcetype>" status=* the field aaaaaa dones't show up.

What do I miss?

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Hi @danielbb ,

Syntax for defining FIELDALIAS is incorrect. It should be,

FIELDALIAS-test2 = status AS aaaaaa

Refer to the document,

As you have configured it from the UI this should not be the case. Which Splunk version you are using?
May be your FIELDALIAS created from UI is being ignored by any manually added FIELDALIAS for same sourcetype with same name.

From version 7, FIELDALIAS created from web are store with ASNEW keyword.
As per the documentation, creating FIELDALIAS with props.conf AS keyword is used in definition.
But both will work.


Perfect. I made the changes. Do I need to bounce the SH?

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If its standalone search head, you can refresh configuration without restart by, goto
https://splunk_host:8000/en-US/debug/refresh/‘ and hit Refresh button.


I ran it and reports back about field aliasing saying - Refreshing admin/fieldaliases OK

But the action field is not available.

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what do you mean by action field is not available?

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Sorry, the mapping reads now -

FIELDALIAS-toaction = status AS action

And index=<index_name> sourcetype="<sourcetype>" action=* returns no results.

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can you please check the permission of the FIELDALIAS?
If permission is private and you are looking for FIELDALIAS in the different app that it is created, it will not show.

If the permission is private, change it to 'All Apps', 'Read' allow 'Everyone'.


Right, the sharing is Global and the SH was bounced.

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Still it is not working? which Splunk version you are using?
Check the article with FieldAlias bug on Splunk versions.

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