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Search Factor Question - In regards to search speed what is the efficacy of increasing the SF by N?

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I'm currently not using indexer clustering. I'm on all flash storage and I'm looking into increasing the speed of some of my larger indexes, which are about 4-5TB and growing. When I run a 1 day search it is uber slow. CPU performance and memory performance is 10-50%. Would indexer clustering with dedication to searchability factor help me? What would I aim to do to increase search speed? I know there's some customers out there with petabytes of ingestion daily, and I'm betting they don't wait a year for a 15min search to complete.


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Following are the options to consider:
1. Use base search to run searches.
2. Use loadjob searches
3. Use accelerated reports
4. Use data-model acceleration
5. Make sure you add filters in the start of the search.
6. Use Summary indexing
Let me know if this helps!!

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