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How to pass token form one text box to another text box?



I have two text boxes textbox1 with token name 'texttok' and

textbox2 with token name 'cputok'

Now, i want to set 'cputok' token with the value of 'texttok' when that 'texttok' token met some condition.

Any suggestion?

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As far as you are not going to set the value from the second text box, you can use initialValue and default properties of the second text box to fetch value from first text box on its change event.

In the following example I am looking for Text Box 1 value to be test to be populated to second text box.

<input type="text" token="textBox1" searchWhenChanged="true">
   <label>Text Box 1</label>
       <condition match="$value$==&quot;test&quot;">
            <set token="texttok">$value$</set>
<input type="text" token="cputok" searchWhenChanged="true">
   <label>Text Box 2</label>
| makeresults | eval message= "Happy Splunking!!!"
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