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How to extract client IPs in a different format than Splunk recognizes?

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I am researching information into error log files and the way they're formatted is different so Splunk doesn't recognize the client ip addresses even though they're there and I have to format a report on the top 50 ip addresses, but I am not sure how to go about extracting them? Or if I need to add a new field?

As well, I had to format a list of the top 50 error types and it turned out that there were only 10 error types that covered all the log. But, when I went to record the count, when I added them all up, there was more than Splunk is showing as the count of the whole log file. I have double and triple checked, isolated each of the events and adding them up and even excluding one event and checking to see the amount left over. I can't seem to figure out what could be wrong.

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Any example for the raw events containing the IP address. At a basic level, the following regex will pick up IP addresses in dotted decimal format (e.g.


There is a more specific regex, as this would pick up subnet masks (e.g. if they exist.

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