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Hi guys,

I am trying to backfill data into a summary index...

when i run the command using the py script i get an error saying:

*** For saved search 'fw_web_monthly_top_domains' ***
No scheduled times for your time range.

I have turned off the schedule for this search and tried playing around with the et and lt values with no effect...

any ideas?

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Make sure to check the few things,

  1. Saved search should have a proper scheduling set-up, ie */5 * * * * or every X.
  2. Make sure that perticular saved search have proper authrization setup to share, default splunk seems to save it as private search so it can't be shared.


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the schedule is set to run at midnight on the first day of every month...

0 0 1 * *

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

what is the schedule for 'fw_web_monthly_top_domains'?

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Hi... here is the complete command...

./splunk cmd python -app noc -index firewall_summary -name fw_web_monthly_top_domain -et -1mon@mon -lt @mon -j 8 -owner admin -showprogress true -auth admin:changeme

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please post the complete command

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