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How to delete repeat events that upload files automatically?

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How to delete repeat events that upload files automatically?
When I forward files to splunk automatically, it has some repeat events in old files. I do not need old events in old files. How can delete them ?

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If you don't want to load old events, you could insert in your inpus.conf ignoreOlderThan = <nonnegative integer>[s|m|h|d].
In this way you don't load events older than your option.

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you can delete events by pipe them to delete. This will not free any disk space. It only flags the events as deleted in splunk and will not show them in future searches. But be careful with this. You can not negotiate this command. Once deleted the events are gone.

You need to get you the "can_delete" role. No one has this role by default. Log to your admin account and go to Settings --> Access Control --> Users. And add the "can_delete" role to your user.

Before piping somthing to delete you should verify that your search is correct.


<your_search> | delete
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Thanks for your answer.
There is a file to be monitored. When the file changes, it will automatically upload data to splunk. But data is always repeated. I would like to delete before the first data, or remove duplicate data. When uploading, only to retain the change of the data.

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