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How to count files in which multiple fields meet certain conditions?


I have a few files. They all have the same columns and look like this:

timestamp           field1    field2
1544079360.84132    99
1544079363.52629              98
1544081067.48075              100
1544081377.48521    100

I want to count the files that both field1 and field2 reached 100 or above.

I tried:

... | search field1>=100 AND field2>=100

but it didn't work. I believe it's because there were null values.

So I tried filldown:

... | filldown field1, field2

but it's still not working.

I also tried eventstats and no luck. And I don't prefer eventstats as it gets very slow when data is increasing.

Any thoughts? Thank you!

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Hi @fzhao2,

try this...

....|where field1>=100 OR field2>=100 

Worked for me

| makeresults 
| eval field1="99, , ,100" 
| makemv delim="," field1 
| mvexpand field1 
| appendcols 
    [| makeresults 
    | eval field2=", ,98,100, ," 
    | makemv delim="," field2 
    | mvexpand field2] 
|where field1>=100 OR field2>=100
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@fzhao2 ,

You might want an OR instead of AND since you dont have values for both fields at the same time.

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