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How can I create an External Lookup that does not create a CSV but displays the results?

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I am looking to run a python script that will take the results of several API calls and make them into something that Splunk displays as if the data were retrieved from its own indexing.

Is it possible to run on the fly queries like this?:

Search in Splunk >
External lookup is triggered > is invoked >
Data returned in some way to Splunk >
Displayed in Splunk

I believe this is possible, but the only way I have seen it thus far has been with CSVs, but the data returned will be high.

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HI @danfein,

I think Splunk Custom command will help you. You just create a custom command and write some python code to call APIs and display values as a result. There are few links which can be helpful you to create custom command.


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You want to use a scripted input.

This is very common and is simple to do. You can make you life even easier if your script returns a date and key=value pairs as its response, as Splunk would need no further extractions to fully interpret and index your data.

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This doesn't look like something that would take in a custom query from Splunk, am I mistaken?

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