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Forwardedindex Whitelist Routing



We have two summary indexes we would like to forward, so on Splunk 5.0.3:


indexAndForward = true

defaultGroup = Client1, Client2

maxQueueSize = 7MB

useACK = true

# RTFM says below to disable defaults:

forwardedindex.0.whitelist =

forwardedindex.1.blacklist =

forwardedindex.2.whitelist =

# Then custom.

forwardedindex.0.blacklist = .*

forwardedindex.1.whitelist = .*_ext_summary


server = 172.nn.nn.nn:9997


server = 172.nn.nn.nn:9997

As per RTFM, whitelisting only allowed in top stanza.

At the moment, both groups get all forwarded summary indexes which is not what we want.

Is it possible to TCP route via a group for a whitelisted forwardedindex?

I have done _TCP_ROUTING for an input but don't see anything for an index?

We want to send client1_ext_summary out via Client1 group and client2_ext_summary out via Client2 group.

Thank you.

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You could do this via routing data from your indexes through props/transforms.conf to the outputs.conf.

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