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Applying "FieldAlias" for specific type of event.

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Hey All, 

I have the 3 types of events coming from the same source(see below) with different codes such as TS01, US03 and VS05 respectively, 

1) ABC:0|Application|ABCD|I2.0|TS01|Logging Change|Medium| eventId=4xxxx msg=The value ..... src_user=xyz, 

2) ABC:0|Application|ABCD|I2.0|US03|Logging Update|Medium| eventId=5xxxx msg=The value ..... src_user=xyz,

3) ABC:0|Application|ABCD|I2.0|VS05|Logging Revert|Medium| eventId=6xxxx msg=The value ..... src_user=xyz,

So, in the event(1) I want to rename the src_user as dest_user and shost as dhost without the same fields in the other 2 types of events. 

In the "Props.conf" I can add below, 

FIELDALIAS-src_host = src_host AS dest_host

FIELDALIAS-shost = shost AS dhost

but the issue is that if I use the above in props.conf the changes will get applied across all the event codes, so, my question is if there is a way to achieve this for only the specific code lets say, "TS01". 

Any help on this will be much appreciated. 



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Can you use an EVAL instead of FIELDALIAS?  If so, and presuming the 'type' field exists then this may work for you.

EVAL-dest_host = if(type="TS01", src_host, dest_host)
EVAL-dhost = if(type="TS01", shost, dhost)
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