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After creating a workflow action, why don't I see any options for workflow once I search for some logs?

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Work flow action is not working in Splunk. I have created a workflow based on the documentation, but I didn't see any options for workflow once I search for some logs. How could this be? Do I need to restart some services to get this workflow working?

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Need a restart for the changes to reflect.

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I experienced a similar issue, In my case I set "Apply only to the following fields" and there was a typo in the field I entered, so no events had the workflow step. Since you can enter any field name you wish and Splunk does not save most fields at index time, the typo might have been an actual field in some unique record type so Splunk did not error when I saved the workflow. I fixed the typo and it became intermittent since not all events contained the field I selected. Records without that field didn't have the new workflow,

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Hello! Are you sure you read the adequate document . Read here:


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