failure during install when installing to iSCSI drive

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I just setup a new windows 2003 server VM (all current windows update)

It's configured with an iSCSI drive which I'm able to read and write to successfully

If I try to install the current version of splunk to the iSCSI drive it fails

Splunk Pre Flight Check
Splunk Installer was unable to launch Splunk's Pre Flight Checks.
Error Code: 10

This happens if I run setup to have splunk run as local user or an admin on my labs windows domain.

If I install to the local hard drive (non iSCSI) the install appears to be successful. Though on the webpage to login the text boxes to enter the user and password aren't visible (I suspect an unrelated issue?)

Any help would be appreciated.

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If this is your indexer, you can have the application installed on the main drive but have your indexes on a different drive. You can go in to the indexes.conf file and adjust the drive letter or path.

More information on the indexes.conf file

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