Why is thereTCPOutAutoLB-0 and TailReader-0 error on fresh install?



I just made a fresh install of Splunk server on a CentOS 7 machine.
RPM install, configuration to launch splunk as a splunk user with systemctl etc All good.

Right now in my health check I have TCPOutAutoLB-0 and TailReader-0 in error.
I don't have any message to go with it. Just an error status

Any way I can check those error with a CLI? Any idea of what is going on?

I havn't ever start to index any file yet.

I have this warning to : he TCP output processor has paused the data flow. Forwarding to output group default-autolb-group has been blocked for 10 seconds. This will probably stall the data flow towards indexing and other network outputs. Review the receiving system's health in the Splunk Monitoring Console. It is probably not accepting data.

I don't know where to start.



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I have made a loop with a local output file, all good now.

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I have made a loop with a local output file, all good now.

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Hi stephanedeck,

could you please specify what do you mean by making a loop with a local output file?

Have you copied the contents of the default/outputs.conf file into local/outputs.conf file?

Answer is much appreciated

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@baya151 ,  yes crate a copy of default/outputs.conf file into local/outputs.conf 

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