Why doesn't the fresh Splunk install show webpage and reports a 404 error?

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Alt textFresh install of Splunk Enterprise 32bits version 7.0.1 on Linux RedHat Workstation release 6.9 does not shown main page after install, and it reports http/1.1 404 not found on web page resources account.js, common.js, others.

Other Details:
-RMF Installed: splunk-7.0.1-2b5b15c4ee89.i386.rpm
-Host: RedHat Workstation 6.9 Kernel --> 2.6.32.el6.i686
-Installed using root account
-When I start Splunk, it gets all the ports listed, etc as follow:

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Hi p_gurav,

Originally, right after installing, Splunk User had ownership of the /opt/splunk folder. In troubleshooting, Ichanged ownership to root. Results: The same. It does not work. Changing ownership to root did not fix the isse.

Additionally, I installed version 6.3.12 in another box and it worked fine. It seems to me that there is something wrong with 7.0.1 32 bits.

Any other solutuons to this isse???


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Can you check directory access?

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