Why am I seeing this error on search heads 'Unable to reach the cluster manager' ?

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I'm experiencing some issues on my Search Heads.

I'm getting this error on the search heads:

The searchhead is unable to update the peer information. Error = 'Unable to reach the cluster manager' for manager=https://hostname-cm1:8089.

Could anyone recommend any fix or workaround?

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I suppose that this is same issue than you have on your previous post. Your DNS is not working. Please try to fix your DNS service so that it resolves those local names.

Another option is that your host search list (Default DNS domains) are not same than it was previously and for that reason it cannot add correct domain to that FQDN name. It's much better to use FQDN names on node names than short names.

And 3rd one can be that you change your general pass4SymmKey to something different when you try to fix your CM -> LM issue. If you changed it on those two machine then another machines (like SHs) which are using different, cannot connect to you CM.

And one more, if/when you are using local host files, you must have same IP - name pairs on all of those! For that reason you should fix (if needed) you normal DNS service first.

r. Ismo

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Make sure all search heads and indexers have the CM's new FQDN/IP address and that no firewalls are blocking connections to the new CM instance.

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