When requesting a free Splunk license, why are we getting the error "Unable to verify your eligibility"?

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When request free SPLUNK license i got answer in email:

"Thank you for your interest in a personalized Dev/Test license for Splunk Enterprise. These licenses are available to any paying Splunk Enterprise or Splunk Cloud customer; however, we were unable to verify your eligibility. If you feel that there has been an error in the verification process, please check the information on your profile and try registering again"

There are no possibility to get license either apply for it again because this form shows that i am already applied.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

To expand on Rich's answer -

It sounds like you applied for a 50GB Dev/Test license using this form: - this type of license is available to any customer associated with an account that has a paid Splunk Enterprise of Splunk Cloud entitlement of any size. If you believe you meet these criteria, but are getting rejected when applying for this type of license, please reach out to your Splunk sales representative.

For 10GB Developer licenses (which can be requested using this form: ) the approval process is manual and should be answered within 2-3 business days. If it's been longer than this since you've applied, please reach out to for assistance.

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There are two dev licenses.

One is for a 50 GB license, but single-machine only and only for existing customers. This is probably what you tried to register for, but it couldn't match you with an existing customer.

The other is a 10 GB license, but it's full featured including clustering and all that, and it open to all (as far as I know). This is probably what you should ask for, so give that a shot and let us know!

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