UF in Mainframe LPAR with z/Linux

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As I know SPLUNK UF can be installed in Mainframe LPAR with z/Linux ....z/390 64-bit Architecture. I have a few questions as facing challenges on them:

1. How we would transfer logs from LPAR with z/OS to LPAR with z/Linux?

2. z/OS contain variable, fixed length, and segmented records structure-how  we would deal with them?  

3. How  we would convert EBCDIC to UTF-8/ASCII Codes?

4. Would there be any special instructions we should follow (including protocols) when when install UF into z/Linux and to transfer/forward files/logs to SPLUNK Indexer   from z/Linux with UF installed on them?

 Any help would be highly appreciated. Thank you so much, truly appreciate your support in these efforts.


Kind Regards,


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