License Management: How to find Index consumption by host and source/sourcetype.

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We've been working on managing our Splunk license, but it's been a really manual effort and it seems like Splunk could/should have a way to see index metrics by host and source on a daily basis. I can't find this info anywhere, so maybe someone out there can help with a clue (or save me the trouble of looking for something that doesn't exist).

Any ideas?

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Splunk Employee

If you are using Splunk Enterprise 6.x, use the License Usage Report View. If you are on Splunk 5.x, download and install the Splunk on Splunk app, it has the same view available for 5.x customers.


Also look at index=_internal component=LicenseUsage. You can aggregate on s (source), st (sourcetype), h (host) and i (indexer). The field b is bytes.

This must be done from the License Manager or where ever those logs are made available.

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This post has some good searches if you want to do it from the search app.

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