Installing additional Tools on the Splunk Docker Container


Hi, i would like to install additional tools on my splunk docker container but yum is not installed, rpm is available but needs to be configured along with a repo i guess?
What is the best way to do this, do i need a Red Hat subscription for this?

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Remember that docker containers are volatile (except for the non-volatile space you "attach" to them) and docker images are "as is" after build so you'd have to either create a new image based on the ready-made splunk docker image or use the modify dockerfile to build a custom docker image from scratch.

Also, the whole idea of running Splunk in a docker environment is that you do an upgrade by pulling a newer version of the whole image so you'd need to customize your image each time a new version is released.


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Hi @MattKr ,

Docker containers have only minimum requires tools. It is not easy to add additional tools. Don't think this as a standart linux distribution.

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