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First, this app looks very promising, thanks to the devs for the hard work!

Secondly, can we please get a better install and setup instructions document? I am new to Splunk, so I'm sure that is part of it, but I am having some real problems following how to get everything configured just right. There seems to be key pieces missing or glanced over in the documentation. It is assuming a working knowledge of Splunk, so that limits it's potential right off the bat. I'm not looking for an easy way out, just more details.

If there was a step-by-step install guide this app would be incredibly popular, it would take off so fast. However right now the learning curve is so great that I have to abandon work on implementing it and get back to day-to-day activities.

I really like this app, and maybe I'll give it another shot in a few months. By then I hope some of these growing pains have smoothed out.

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I totally agree. I have it installed but I can not figure things out. It seems overly complicated. For example how do I install an addon? There is nothing in the file I downloaded. I would like to get Active Directory working and it keeps telling me I need to have Splunk_TA_Windows. I downloaded it and NO idea what to do from there. In Windows I see 2 Hosts but under Windows Performance Counters there is only 1. How do I add the second host?
This program does look good but again just overly complicated.
For right now I am going back to Manage Engines programs.

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To bad they couldn't answer you. Did you ever get it working?

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