How to access a Splunk 6.1.4 search head behind a load balancer via direct individual URL to view license usage information?


I have two search heads that are behind a load balancer in Splunk 6.1.4. They work fine when accessing via the load balancer, but if I try their individual URL to login into respective search head, I am unable to do so.

Here is my scenario:
One search head is a master license server and the other search head is its slave. If I want to see the license usage information and log in via load balancer, I do not know which search head I will be directed to. If the load balancer directs me to the slave, then I am unable to view the license usage info since the slave does not have it, only the master does.

So in this scenario, it will be helpful if I can selectively go to the master server via direct http link URL.
The web.conf looks like below:

mgmtHostPort = <>:8089
httpport = 8000
enableSplunkWebSSL = false
updateCheckerBaseURL = 0
server.socket_host =

I am trying to access the URL but it does not work. What am I missing here?

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I have similar setup and since we're using a Load balancer, the firewall rules for the Search Heads are configured to allow connection only through the load balancer IP/ CNAM. So, that's the reason the Search Head is not accessible directly.

IMO, you've two options:-

  1. Configure appropriate firewall rules for your Search Head/License server node to allow connection outside of Load balancer.
  2. [Recommended] Install Splunk Health Overview app, which provides license usage dashboard. This you can install on either of the search head. A pre-requisite would be to add other search head as Distributed search peer. (so both the search head will have other search head added as search peer.
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I need license file information where it shows the license expiry date, type of license etc. Splunk fetches this information from $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/licenses/enterprise/. I installed this app but unfortunately it does not provide that kind of information.

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