Custom Time Range Sub-Menu Broken?


I'm currently looking at migrating from Splunk 5.0.5 to Splunk 6.0.0 and one area where we're having issues is in times.conf

In here:


We have:

label = Custom_Menu
is_sub_menu = True
order = 300

label = Range 1
earliest_time = 1307919600
latest_time = 1309734000
order = 5
sub_menu = Custom_Menu

label = Range 2
earliest_time = 1307919600
latest_time = 1308006000
order = 10
sub_menu = Custom_Menu

No matter what I try, the two ranges 'Range 1' and 'Range 2' do not appear under the defined Sub Menu (Custom_Menu). The ranges just appear under the 'Other' Sub Menu in the Time Ranger Picker.

This was all working fine in 5.0.5

Am I doing anything wrong, or is this possibly a bug in 6.0.0?




Seeing same behvaiour for Splunk 6.0.1.

Edit: To get the old Time Picker and other widgets, convert your dashboard to Advanced XML (if it isn't already) and set its objectMode to viewconf. I'm not very familiar with what objectMode does, except control how the dashboard is rendered, so please check that it still works as intended. Here's a question about it:

Basically, I had this in my app's times.conf:

is_sub_menu = True

label = Today (from 8:00)
earliest_time = @d+8h
latest_time = now
order = 10
sub_menu = mymenu

and it just ends up under "Relative" in the time picker.

You can get the old time picker, though. I have the app Deployment Monitor v5.0.3 ( installed, and it seems to use the old flash charts and interface components. The same is true for Splunk On Splunk 3.1.0. They both display my custom time ranges in the correct sub menu.

So, I suggest you duplicate how their dashboards are built if you want to ensure you can use your time ranges.

Interestingly, sub_menu is still used by the default times.conf:

#line 51:
label = Other
is_sub_menu = True
order = 200

label = Today
earliest_time = @d
latest_time = now
order = 100
sub_menu = Other
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Same problem. Please update splunkdocs, the info there for times.conf is incorrect. I am really disappointed by this change.


Hi All,

After logging this with Splunk support, I'm told that sub-menus in the Time Ranger Picker are no longer supported.

This is massively disappointing and feels very short-sighted.

I'd love to understand the reasoning behind this if anyone from the Splunk Team would like to comment..?

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