Can I use the same SPLUNK_DB directory for all 2 indexers and a search head?



I am going to set up Indexer clustering in Splunk, where I will user 2 indexer server, 1 search head, and a Splunk license manager.

Can I use the same Splunk_DB directory for all these Splunk servers?


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Splunk Employee

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You can use the same path on each of your servers provided they have independent underlying storage, but you can't put SPLUNK_DB on shared storage and allow all of the servers to use it. They each need their own directory.

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For indexer peers / index cluster members you will need to use a common Splunk DB location as the peers have identical configuration in terms of what is pushed from the cluster master server.

In other words the master-apps directory from the master becomes the slave-apps directory on each indexer...

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