Getting Data In

unable to send data to indexer.


Hello, this is my forwarder inputs.conf looks like but I am unable to see any data in the second index cisco_asa.

index fortinet works just fine.

host = ABC

index = fortinet
sourcetype = fortigate

index = cisco_asa
sourcetype = cisco:asa

Please advise!

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Based on your inputs, I am putting few ways where it might have gone wrong.

  1. There is no data in D:\Syslog\ASA. But as you said, there is data.
  2. Check the user splunk running with, does he have permission to access D:\Syslog\ASA
  3. On indexer, there is no index created with the name cisco_asa. In such case, the indexer will throw warnings that there is data coming for this index which in not present.
  4. The most common mistake, the data is perfectly indexed in index=cisco_asa but, the User Role you are logged in with does not have 'cisco_asa' index added to searchable list. Using Admin user, Please visit Settings >>> access control >>> [your user role] >>> check the list of indexes allowed to be searched for your role.

Above are some causes that make some indexed data not searchable. Please do a check and revert.

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Can you see any data in index=fortinet?
Is there data in D:\Syslog\ASA?
Are there any relevant messages in the forwarder's splunkd.log?

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Yes, I can see data in index=fortinet

However, I cannot see any data in index=cisco_asa

Yes, there is data is D:\Syslog\ASA

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