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scripted input cron schedule


I defined a scripted input:

disabled = true
host = dbserver
index = main
interval = 0 1 * * *    #frequency to run the script
source = newman_db
sourcetype = feedback_by_domain

When I run the script I get output like this:

20110830: date=20110830,,type=2,count=12
20110830: date=20110830,,type=2,count=88
20110830: date=20110830,,type=3,count=68
20110830: date=20110830,,type=2,count=35
20110830: date=20110830,,type=2,count=15
20110830: date=20110830,,type=2,count=11
20110830: date=20110830,,type=2,count=74
20110830: date=20110830,,type=3,count=27
20110830: date=20110830,,type=2,count=31
20110830: date=20110830,,type=2,count=439
20110830: date=20110830,,type=3,count=164
20110830: date=20110830,,type=1,count=14
20110830: date=20110830,,type=2,count=77
20110830: date=20110830,,type=3,count=12
20110830: date=20110830,,type=2,count=13
20110830: date=20110830,,type=3,count=17
20110830: date=20110830,,type=2,count=11
20110830: date=20110830,,type=2,count=32
20110830: date=20110830,,type=3,count=15
20110830: date=20110830,,type=2,count=47
20110830: date=20110830,,type=3,count=54
20110830: date=20110830,,type=2,count=642
20110830: date=20110830,,type=3,count=310
20110830: date=20110830,,type=2,count=33
20110830: date=20110830,,type=3,count=14

However splunkd seems to be running the script every one second. This causes many duplicate events. I want the script to run once a day as it outputs counts of feedback events for the previous day.

How can I make the script run once a day after midnight?

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Re: scripted input cron schedule


This is what you have defined in inputs.conf? The cron statement looks fine. Perhaps remove the comment in-case it isn't agreeing with it (or move it to a newline) and hardcode disabled as 0 to enable the script.

Also, does the script itself end?
If your script does not terminate itself then using cron will only check if it is still running or not which makes defining an interval irrelevant. I have previously had instances where I made a script that never terminated which resulted in many duplicates which I assumed was the interval playing up, but was in fact my script.

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Re: scripted input cron schedule


Getting rid of the comment after the cronspec, deleting whitespace before/after the '=' seemed to do the trick. odd.



Re: scripted input cron schedule


I appear to have had the same issue earlier today (almost 7 years later).

It is pretty incredible that this appears to still be an issue for Splunk so far later. I have filed a support ticket to fix it. (Granted it is possible that my issue is a different one)

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Re: scripted input cron schedule

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Interesting - running UF v7.1.2 on linux and this issue has come back - was previously fixed -- re-updating inputs.conf scripts to not have any whitespace for the interval (e.g. interval=300 <- always works, interval = 300 <- does not always work)

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