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how much Splunkd of the universal forwarder uses windows memory and CPU?

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Hi all,

I installed Splunk universal forwarder on windows 2016.

Is it possible to get a log of how much Splunkd of the universal forwarder uses windows memory and CPU?

[perfmon: // CPU load]
[perfmon: // Available memory]

I can only find about this.

Thank you for helping me.

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for my knowledge perfmon gives global informations non detailed for process, but I could be wrong because I'm not a Windows specialist.

Anyway, you could execute a script that launch the command tasklist /V that lists the following informations for each Process:

  • Utilizzo mem
  • Tempo CPU

the output of the script is ingested in Splunk so you can use it in searches and then use tha command multikv that create an event for each process and search for splunkd.


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Thank you. I will try it.

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