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disable port 443 on indexer

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Is it possible to disable port 443 on indexers? If so how? Is there a CL or is it through the UI?

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Hm? Splunk doesn't open port 443 at all unless you configured it to do so in some way. It may listen to ports 9997 (log receiving), 8089 (intra-Splunk-traffic) or 8000 (splunkweb) depending on how you configured it, but 443, no.

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Yes. If you do not need splunkweb on the indexer... you can just omit this or set it to 0 or just disable splunkweb.
"splunk disable webserver" and restart.

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So we have a setting in our web.conf

httpport = 443

could this be causing it to be open?

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