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curl in Shell Script run by splunk return empty

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I am trying to get data from a third party API

so I get splunk to run this very basic script.

IP=$(curl -s ',uk&appid=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx')
echo "$IP"

if I run the script in shell it works perfect.
if it is run by splunk $ip is empty

I know splunk can execute the script because I replace $(curl.... by "test" and splunk collects it OK.

splunk seams to be executing script as root because if chance my script to
splunk returns root.

it is not just this url i tried different ones, it works in shell but it is always empty when run by splunk.

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The best way to integrate with API is to use "REST modular Input" within splunk rather than calling a script etc.

There are some good docs out there, thus making your "splunk" application itself to handle API requests

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I had seen this but could not find in in splunk any where in 6.5.
did not realise is as an add on. will try it out.

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Can you please try below command in your script, added ().

IP=($(curl -s ',uk≈pid=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'))


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