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convert raw data in the event into json format

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Hai All,

we have some data coming from splunk DB connect and one field has RAW data as below 

how to convert the  json payload data into readable format as i have attached pic how it should convert and below is the json data 

The field we want to perform json operations on is report_json

tried with below search but not working and is anything we need to update in the DB query end to get the output

| search NOT errors="*warning Puppet*" NOT errors="*Permission*" report_json=*
| eval json_string=json(report_json), test=report_json
| table json_string, test, len(test)

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Assuming your actually data has correct json (not the truncated version you supplied), if the report_json field has not already been extracted, then you can use this to extract it and use spath to parse the json string.

| rex "report_json=\"(?<report_json>.*)"
| spath input=report_json
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Please explain what you mean by "not working".  What results do you expect and what results do you get?

The sample event does not contain valid JSON in the result_json field.  Specifically, it's missing a closing brace and bracket.  Splunk's JSON functions don't handle invalid JSON.

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we are getting this data using DB connect from postgre db using below query and has 2 fields  report_json AND I have modified the query to to convert json object.


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