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can Splunk HF run multiple Python scripts and forward it to multiple indexer


I am having 2 scheduled python scripts running in HF.
First script is scheduled for 2 mins and get SNMP data and forwards to Indexer1 (IP:xx.xx.xx.123)
second script is scheduled for 2 mins and collects the JMX data and forwards to Indexer2.( IP:yy.yy.yy.123)

My problem is I am able to get data in only one indexer at a time. either indexer1 or Indexer2 not both. Is there any system limitations from splunk that only one script runs at a time and forwards to 1 indexer.

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A HF can run multiple scripts at the same time. The output from those scripts is sent to the indexer(s) specified in outputs.conf. You can direct data to different indexers with Splunk's Routing and Filtering feature. It sends data to different indexers based on source, sourcetype, or other criteria. See for details.

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