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black list regex files starting with a period (.)


I have seen a few regex examples on this and I have used the regex tools online to test my regex to blacklist files that begin with a period (.) yet this example is not working.

example of inputs


index = index

sourcetype = sourcetype


blacklist = ^\.\S


example filename = .filename.syslog.2021-01-01

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Thanks for the quick reply Jacob.  While that didnt work for our specific case I do appreciate the response.  In the end, and I am usure why TBH, this is whats currently in place and working for us to blacklist files that start with a dot (.)

blacklist = \/dir\/dir\/syslog\/\.\S+

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You have the ^\. part of the regex correct, but \S is matching a single non-whitespace character as seen here. I assume what you are really going for is ^\.\S*, but it would be more accurate to use ^\..* to blacklist every single file that either is a . or starts with one (see that here). The difference is that using \S* would not blacklist files that start with a . but have a space in them.

(Sorry for the bad formatting. Splunk is throwing all kinds of errors when I try to properly format the text)


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sady its not working for me.  I have also tried something more specific and still no joy.

blacklist = /dir/dir/dir/syslog/.*


blacklist = \/dir\/dir\/dir\/syslog\/\..*

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