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Windows Universal Forwarder - "received event for unconfigured/disabled index" warning message


I'm trying to configure the Splunk Unviersal forwader on a windows box to forward windows event log messages to my splunk 4.2 indexer. I wanted to keep windows events in a separate index from my other linux logs, so I created a new index on the indexer for "windows_events" and made sure it was enabled. I then added "index = windows_events" to each of my sections in the inputs.conf file in "C:\Program Files\SplunkUniversalForwarder\etc\apps\MSICreated\local" on my forwarder.

I'm getting events into my windows_events index, but I'm also seeing this warning at the top of my search screen

received event for unconfigured/disabled index='"windows_events"' with source='source::WinEventLog:Security' host='host::DC001' sourcetype='sourcetype::WinEventLog:Security' (1 missing total)

Any idea how to clear this warning message?

  • Jeff
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I had created the index via SplunkWeb manager. This issues seems to have resolved itself after restarting splunk about 3 times and waiting a few hours.

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how did you create your index?via the UI?via the indexes.conf?

do you have more than 1 indexer? if yes did you create the index on all of the indexer?

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