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Windows NT to forward logs to Splunk Enterprise, how?

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I've been tasked to forward logs from Windows NT to Splunk Enterprise however, there is no Syslog inbuilt for Windows and also no Splunk Universal Forwarder.

Any idea how I should approach to this for corporate use?

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Todays "Splunking against the odds" award goes to @Kitteh
I'm sure there is a reason, and that its beyond your control but NT was EOL 13 years ago!
I salute your determination! 🙂

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Hi Kitteh,
try using an old verion of Universal Forwarder, e.g. 5.18 and check if you correctly receive logs.

three years ago, I had to install UF on an XP machine and I used version 4.3.7 with a special configuration:

disabled = 1
disabled = 1
disabled = 1

The safer way to proceed is to open a case to Splunk Support

Did you tried to use WMI?


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