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WinEvent whitelist not working

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I'm trying to do whitelist on windows eventcode on my test environment before applying on production. after apply and reload, there no log activity come to splunk.

disabled = 0
whitelist1 = 4624,4625,4634,4688,4689,4720,4722-4726,4728,4729,4732,4756,4778,4779
whitelist2 = EventCode="5156" Message="(putty.exe)|(SecureCRT.exe)|(mstsc.exe)|(winscp.exe)"

Thanks in advance your help

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Even we had the same issue, but once we had a monitor stanza for the Security.evtx path in inputs.conf. The logs started coming in for the events that you've whitelisted.

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Do you mean you have no WinEventLogs (at all) or just you dont see events for 5156?

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Not pretty sure how to understand this, but:

* Both numbered and unnumbered whitelists and blacklists support two formats:
* A comma-separated list of event IDs.
* A list of key=regular expression pairs.
* You cannot combine these formats. You can use either format on a specific

Seems that you might need to transform your whitelist1 one to key=regex format ... but might also mean that you only can not combine list and key=regex format

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all events

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