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Why is the sourcetype not reporting in Onelogin Application issue?


We have one login app installed on our heavy forwarder and our indexers and search head is in Spunk Managed cloud.

We are pulling events for one login using API .

Recently we saw events count drop and after doing investigations, we found one of the sourcetype was not reporting for one login index.

Also, checked the splunk.d logs in heavy FWD and this is what I find :

01-24-2018 11:29:39.584 -0500 ERROR ExecProcessor - Ignoring: "/"
01-24-2018 11:29:39.584 -0500 ERROR FrameworkUtils - Incorrect path to script: / Script must be located inside $SPLUNK_HOME/bin/scripts.
01-23-2018 09:21:41.143 -0500 ERROR ApplicationUpdater - Error reloading splunk_ta_onelogin: handler for indexes (access_endpoints /data/indexes): Internal Server Error

Although the issue is fixed after we restarted the heavy FWD , but wanted to know why this issue was caused ?

Any suggestion

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