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Why is my Heavy Forwarder initiating TCP scans and sweeps


I'm getting alerts from my firewall that my Heavy Forwarder Unix box (only program that's installed) is initiating TCP scans and sweeps. I have Universal Forwarders installed that should be pushing data to the Heavy Forwarder, but I don't see any reason why the HF is doing any scanning. My understanding is that a forwarder will initiate a connection with a destination, so it should be the UFs contacting the HF, not the other way around. The HF local/input doesn't specify anything outside of defaults and a local log file. Does anyone know why these TCP scans are taking place? Is there any other config or log file I can look into to obtain additional information? Thanks

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I would suggest doing a packet capture on the Heavy Forwarder to understand what in fact is occurring. This appears to be anomalous behavior and could indicate you have a compromised system.