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Why is Windows event monitoring blacklist ignored?

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Hello there. I have this stanza configured for event logs on the Domain Controllers:

disabled = 0
blacklist1 = EventCode="4662" Message="Object Name:\s+CN=(?!mycn-1|mycn-2)"
blacklist2 = 538,565,566,576,835,836,837,4931,4932,4933


Basically, I want only the 4662 events related to the CNs above.

Well... I push the configuration to the DCs... and suddenly i get ALL 4662 events.

What is wrong with that configuration? Can't figure this out.

Thank you...

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The REGEX matches for a message that does not contain either of those 2 CN. So all the matched events should be blacklisted. But they're not.


Negative lookahead is the only simple option to filter .those messages. Otherwise you'll need to use a very "unreadable" regex to have the same result.

Also, the negative lookahead to filter 4662 events is what is suggested here:

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You'll get all 4662 events if the regex doesn't match anything.  Have you tested that regular expression on  IME, negative lookaheads don't work well in Splunk so see if there's another way to get the same results.

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Please see my post above.

The regex matches exactly what I need to exclude (all the events but those related to the OUs in the regex).

The negative lookahead is what is recommended in the blog.

Thank you.

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