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Why are only the first two lines of my CSV file getting indexed?

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Trying to index a CSV, but only the first two lines are indexing. I want to skip the first line and start indexing the data from the headers for the columns

Splunk Search output

TYPE Selected.Microsoft.ActiveDirectory.Management.ADAccount,,

CSV input file

TYPE Selected.Microsoft.ActiveDirectory.Management.ADAccount,,
    25/05/2016 2:13,SPKTest3,TRUE
    25/05/2016 2:13,SPKTest4,TRUE



input file

    disabled = false
    sourcetype =ADAcount
    index = test
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I'm not entirely sure this is the issue but I've seen Splunk trip over timestamps like these before. Splunk seems to expect a leading zero in the hour field of the timestamp. e.g. 25/05/2016 02:13,SPKTest3,TRUE

Furthermore it's good practice to include the timestamp format in props.conf, as this is empty by default.

TIME_FORMAT = <strptime-style format>
* Specifies a strptime format string to extract the date.
* strptime is an industry standard for designating time formats.
* For more information on strptime, see "Configure timestamp recognition" in
  the online documentation.
* TIME_FORMAT starts reading after the TIME_PREFIX. If both are specified,
  the TIME_PREFIX regex must match up to and including the character before
  the TIME_FORMAT date.
* For good results, the <strptime-style format> should describe the day of
  the year and the time of day.
* Defaults to empty.

Extra tip:
Try uploading the CSV via the web interface. This will allow you to preview the data you're about to index. You can modify the time field extraction, headers, etc. from here.

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Have you tried naming the second field in your header? Just a guess.

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Also this from the docs could be an issue since you have > 3 header fields but only 3 fields in each row.

Splunk Enterprise only indexes header fields whose rows contain data

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Did you check if splunk is automatically assigning the first field as the timestamp? try extending your search to "All Time" and see if you get more results.

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have tried that still no luck

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