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Why am I getting "memPartAlloc: block too big" sending my SIP phone syslog to universal forwarders?

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Hi all,

This morning, after some verification, I found some errors in my search headwith my SIP phones.
I have 150 polycom phone. They send their syslog to Universal Forwarders. Config file is:

        source = sip_syslog
        sourcetype = polycom:siplab
        connection_host = none
        acceptFrom =
        disabled = false
        index = ti-telephone

I think it is correc,t but I found lots of errors like:

Sep  1 14:47:13 Sep  1 10:47:21 0901104721|sys  |*|03|0x9581bea0 (tPktProSys): memPartAlloc: block too big - 21848 in partition 0x94b6feec.
date_hour = 14 date_mday = 1 date_minute = 47 date_month = september date_second = 13 date_wday = tuesday date_year = 2015 date_zone = local host = UniversalFowarders index = ti-telephone linecount = 1 punct = ___::_...____::_..._|__|*||_():_:____-____. source = sip_syslog sourcetype = polycom:sip splunk_server = IndexServer splunk_server_group = dmc_group_indexer timeendpos = 16 timestartpos = 0 unix_category = all_hosts unix_group = default

All other equipment (257) is working fine except the new phones recently added.
Do you have an idea of this error?

Thank you a lot
Best regards
Rene R.

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Finally, it's the phones problem. The master configuration was wrong.

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Finally, it's the phones problem. The master configuration was wrong.

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