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Why am I getting error "Cannot find item for POST arg_name=..." trying to update inputs.conf (scripted inputs) through setup.xml?



I'm trying to update update a stanza within inputs.conf so I can change the cron schedule on a scripted input.

On the setup screen, it displays the value as expected. However, when submitting the page, I get the following error:

Encountered the following error while trying to update: In handler 'localapps': Cannot find item for POST arg_name="/data/inputs/script/%24SPLUNK_HOME%252Fetc%252Fapps%252F<my_app_name>%252Fbin%252F<script>.py/interval"

Looking at the splunkd.log, I found the following error:

08-16-2016 03:33:59.059 -0700 WARN  SetupAdminHandler - could not find matching input for POST arg_name=/data/inputs/script/%24SPLUNK_HOME%252Fetc%252Fapps%252F<my_app_name>%252Fbin%252F<script>.py/interval

For reference, here are excerpts from inputs.conf and setup.xml:

passAuth = splunk-system-user
disabled = false
interval = 0 3 * * * 

<block title="Add-on settings"
<input field="interval">

This seems to match the example in documentation, so I'm not sure what to try. Any tips for debugging this?
I tried defining a custom endpoint, and while it could read the value, it couldn't update it.

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I am facing same issue, did you find any solution
Its working fine at linux machine but getting this error on windows

Encountered the following error while trying to update: In handler 'localapps': Cannot find item for POST arg_name="/admin/script/"


 [script://$SPLUNK_HOME\etc\apps\my_app\bin\ 15]
 disabled = 0


 <block title="my script setting"
     <input field="enabled">
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You need to update the entity as follows as per stanza in your inputs.conf


Also verify that this REST endpoint is available under https://ip:managementport/servicesNS/nobody/

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Ah, thanks but the script name was just a placeholder. It's correct in the actual app, I assume, since it loads the cron value from inputs.conf. I've checked and the script appears as an endpoint within the services list.

Thanks, though.

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