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Why am I getting an error that my license has expired or have exceeded license violations?

Hi 🙂

Dears, I am using Splunk 6.4 as a heavy forwarder which send its logs to an indexer (6.3) .
Heavy forwarder has MySQL add-on installed on it. While trying to search indexed data, I got the error below that my license expired or has been violated, despite still having not indexed any data or expiration date hasn't come!

please advise ?
alt text

alt text


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Revered Legend

The heavy forwarder should be added as license slave to your actual license master server. Use any of below method to update the same

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Remember that licenses are not ONLY about how much data you index per day. The Enterprise license also conveys capabilities, such as distributed search. That's why you need to follow @somesoni2's suggestion.

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