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Where are Splunk valid TZ options in props.conf?


Where can I find a list of all possible and valid TZ options for props.conf?

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Programatically, for your Splunk instance, here:

| rest/servicesNS/-/search/data/ui/manager 
| regex eai:data="Time zone" 
| head 1 
| rename eai:data AS _raw 
| table _raw 
| rex mode=sed "s/(?ms)^.*Default System Timezone --\"\/>[\s\r\n]+(.*?)<\/options>.*$/\1/" 
| eval raw=split(_raw, "<opt value=") 
| mvexpand raw 
| rex field=raw "^\"(?<value>[^\"]+)\"\s+label=\"(?<label>[^\"]+)\"" 
| fields - _raw raw
| search label="*" AND value="*"

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Hi @woodcock Programatically meaning, on the splunk query itself, we can view different timezones ah

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Right. You can see what splunk supports natively.

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