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What is the recommended method to ingest exported sysmon logs?


Context: I have an external client that uses Arctic Wolf for sysmon logs on their endpoints and need to ingest those logs into our Splunk environment. I'm not to install UFs on their endpoints.

I know normally we'd want to install UFs on Windows endpoints and have sysmon logs sent to the indexers while utilizing Splunk's add-on for Sysmon for CIM compliance, extraction, etc.

Since I can't take the normal approach, what's best practice for receiving a client's external sysmon logs (without installing UFs on their endpoints) and ingesting those logs?

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Hi @russell120k,

could you share the folder where these files are stored (in a machine without UF) with another system with installed UF?

with share I mean folder network sharing or network copy or FTP.

If yes, you have the solution.



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Hi @gcusello , I'm unable to do folder sharing/network copy/FTP with the client's Windows endpoints. They're completely separated from our internal network. That what makes this a bit challenging. 

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