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What is the best way to send data to Splunk HTTP Event collector? UDP vs forwarder?

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Can someone please help guide me based on experience? What is the best mechanism to stream data to Splunk? As part of our organization we have built a custom logger service that can make a REST call (internally this service would then use HTTP event collector) and send data to Splunk. Some of these apps had issues in Splunk HTTP collector with JavaScript/typescript. The constraint with forwarder is that many of these apps have multiple clients wherein it might be difficult to achieve a Forwarder setup. Lastly, with UDP we have seen few reviews that show event loss issues.


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The best possible option in large enterprises is to use a log aggregration layer and Splunk to read it from it.

  • use syslog (rsyslog/syslog-ng) to collect the data which comes as stream and log into a good directory structure
  • A good pattern to use is /myfilesystem/data/%port%/%fromhost-ip%/%priority%.log
  • And based on type of data and the requirements, you configure your splunk inputs.conf with relevant sourcetype and index
  • Ensure all data in Splunk have index-time settings configured correctly
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